1. Log in to the My Alltel portal using your registered email address.  



2. Go to your dashboard and click on “Services”.


3. Scroll down to the “Inbound Numbers” section, select the 1300/1800/13 number you wish to update and click “Manage”.


4. A new page will pop up (https://inbound.numbercontrol.com.au/#!/loginand will prompt you to log in again. Kindly use the format below for your login credentials.  


Customer Name: GLB-Alltel   

Username:  1300/1800/13 (Your inbound number) 

Temporary Alpha-numeric PIN: (6 characters, Combination of numbers from 0 to 9 and letters A to F) 





5. After entering your login credentials, perform the reCAPTCHA test then click “Login”.  

6. Once logged in, follow the steps below: 

Update your service 


Change your password 



Please be advised that this is for basic routing instructions only. For complex routings; time and day, region, area and exchanged based, postcode prompting and state based, feel free to call us on 1300 255 835 and our Technical team will further assist you.