Credit card

To make a credit card payment, please log into your My Alltel portal and fill in the necessary fields.

Log in to your MyAlltel portal to make a payment, or make a once-off payment over the phone by calling our Customer team on 1300 255 835.  


STEP 1. Log-in by using your credentials





STEP 2. go to Billing, a dropdown menu will appear and click on “Make a Payment”





STEP 3. Fill in the form




STEP 4. You may tick the checkbox to re-use the credit card detail for future billing. 


Click Pay now.


If you prefer a different mode of payment, please refer to the details below.


For BPay 


Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit, credit card, or transaction account. For more information, visit

Biller code 



{refer to your invoice}



For direct bank transfer 

Please use your Alltel account number {accountNumber} as reference. 



Account name 

Alltel Pty Ltd 



Account number 



{Account Number