Inbound numbers, being virtual numbers that can be redirected to various answerpoints, offer a range of advantages over landline and mobile numbers.

These are some of the many benefits you can get from your Alltel inbound number:

A centralised point of contact

With an inbound number, you can use just one phone number for customers to contact, no matter where they're calling from or where you're answering.

For small businesses, this can give the appearance of being a national entity.

For larger businesses, this can let them communicate more smoothly even across the different locations they operate in.

Routing options

Routing options include:

Time of day routing.

State based routing

Call splaying (sharing incoming calls between up to 20 lines)

Postcode prompting, which allows redirection based on the caller's postcode.

Complementary services

Alltel has many products that work seamlessly with an inbound number including IVR menu, Live AnsweringBusiness Intro and Voice-to-Email.

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