Alltel uses a billing system that is fully automated and processes payments via direct debit only. This enables us to have fewer staff resources involved in managing customers’ accounts, resulting in reduced overheads and savings being passed on to our customers through lower rates and charges. This also allows us to have more staff devoted to providing our customers with excellent service.

If you ever have any concerns regarding the details of your bill, we are always happy to discuss any issues, review your bill with you, and if required, make adjustments before your direct debit is processed. Invoices are available online approximately 5-7 days before direct debits are processed. This gives our customers adequate time to review charges etc before payment is processed.

While we understand that you may have a concern with providing us with a direct debit Request Authority, our company policy is that we do not accept any other form of payment. It is a condition of our trading terms that you must maintain a direct debit with us, drawn on a valid bank account or credit card.

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