SMS/MMS inbound configuration is required for compliance purposes to track opt-out requests.

SMS messages sent to a Analytix Mobile Tracking Number are accessible in the portal SMS Inbox and can be forwarded to an email address.


SMS/MMS inbound configuration

This is a required step when ordering a mobile tracking number. This is done by nominating an email address where SMS replies can be forwarded to. Configure and modify the email recipient by doing the following steps:

1. Navigate to Numbers, then select the mobile tracking number.

2. Click SMS/MMS routing option then enter, add, or edit the email address you would like the inbound SMS to be forwarded to.


3. Click Save.


Inbound SMS sent to your Virtual Mobile Number will be forwarded to the nominated email address(es) like the example below.

If you respond to the email, your reply will be sent as an SMS (normal per SMS cost applies).