Use an Incognito or Private Browsing window

The best way to test if numbers are switching is to use an Incognito or Private Browsing window. Analytix's tracking code requires a first time visitor, otherwise it may appear the dynamic script is not working correctly when in fact it is. For example, if you have already visited the site through an organic search, Analytix will recognise you as an Organic visitor rather than the source you are currently testing.

Make sure you close all other incognito or private browsing windows before starting, as your cookies are stored in the browser until you close it down (this includes tabs).
Note: You can also test in a normal browser window by clearing your cookies and cache before starting.


Testing Google Paid (Google Ads)

You can manually simulate a Google Paid click by appending "?utm_source=google&gclid=test" to the end of your website URL - without the need to click on a live ad e.g.

Testing Organic Search (all search engines)

  1. Open your incognito or private browser

  2. Navigate to the search engine you wish to test (i.e if you have a unique number configured for Google, Bing etc)

  3. Search for your business name and click on the link
    Note: Make sure you do not click on a paid ad.
  4. Check the phone number is correctly showing the tracking number you have configured for Organic.

Testing UTM tagged URL's (Display, Banner, EDM's etc)

To test your manually tagged URL's, simply append the UTM parameters you set for the tracking number to the end of your URL to simulate a visit.

Special Limitations

  • Firefox Tracking Protection: Mozilla Firefox activates tracking protection by default in Private Browsing Mode in desktop and Android versions, and since April 2018 in both normal and Private Browsing in the iOS version. This stops most tracking scripts, such as Google Analytics and Analytix, from firing and your numbers will not switch. You must disable tracking protection to see your Analytix numbers switch.

Still having problems?

If you are still having problems getting the number to switch, or it is not displaying as expected we are more than happy to help. Send an email to our support team, including a link to the website and we will check it out!