Dynamic number pools give you a greater level accuracy if you have a high volume website or are tracking multiple channels or campaigns.

You can it up by following these steps:

  1. Click Dynamic Insertion in the main menu

  2. Select the name of your website

  3. Click + Add Number

  4. Select the medium you would like to track from the list (if you need to use a custom medium, type it in the box and then select it from the list)

  5. Enter the number on the website to be replaced

  6. Select the first tracking number to be shown

  7. Click Confirm

  8. Then click Save

  9. Once saved, click on the Pools tab to add numbers to the pool

  10. Next to your first tracking number, click + add

  11. Select the tracking number(s) you would like to add to the pool

  12. Click Save Changes

  13. Once saved, click on the Snippet tab to get the unique tracking code for your website

  14. Click on the tracking code to copy it to the clipboard



Once the Dynamic Number Insertion is configured and the script is installed, the phone number on the website will be replaced with a number from the pool. 

Please note: The Analytix Tracking code is unique to every domain in your account, please ensure you copy the snippet associated with your domain.

Congratulations, your dynamic number pool is now configured!