If you’re familiar with ISDN, you can think of SIP Trunking as its VoIP equivalent

You still have a direct phone number for every staff member—without the need to pay a line rental on every phone. You pay only for the number of lines you need to use simultaneously, and those lines are shared between all extensions.

From a user’s point of view, SIP Trunking works just like your traditional landline service in that you make and receive calls in exactly the same way. About the only difference you’ll notice is at the end of each month when your phone bills are significantly lower.

And as your business grows, it’s easy and affordable to add additional lines and extension numbers to your phone system (with the ability to handle up to 100 simultaneous calls).

A system you won’t outgrow

Pay for the number of phone lines you need today, and add (or remove) lines in future as your business grows or your needs change (up to 100 simultaneous calls).

No interruptions to your business

You can transfer your existing phone number (including 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers) to your SIP Trunking service (charges apply). No need to forward calls or reprint business cards or stationery.

Works with your existing IP PBX system

For incoming calls, Alltel’s SIP Trunking communications service passes through the number that was dialled, allowing you to customise your phone system routing.

Save money with low setup costs and low VoIP rates

Pay for only the lines you need with plans that start from just $32 a month for 4 lines (simultaneous calls) and include free calls between all Alltel VoIP users.

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